With Australian partner Marendaz, H Connect is helping take Sri Lanka’s accountancy industry to a new territory

H Connect
June 23, 2022

While some assume accountancy to be a largely clinical affair, this partnership of Marendaz and H Connect sets the record straight. As the team will tell you, it’s just as much about dinner, wine and chasing kangaroos as it is about clinching deals.

It all began in 2019, when H Connect, an internationally agile accountancy services provider in Sri Lanka’s thriving shared services sector, connected with Marendaz Australia. Ask accounting professionals in Sri Lanka, and they might tell you the country is fast becoming as famous for its accountants as for its tea or cricket.

With the exception of perhaps a few countries, including the UK,Sri Lanka has one of the highest numbers of qualified and highly skilled accountants per capita.

H Connect team who work with their Australian counterparts

Strengthening a new accounting niche for Sri Lanka

As part of Sri Lanka’s iconic Hirdaramani Group, H Connect had inherited a culture that was at home in delivering to international clients.

It wasn’t long, before the team realised there was a brand-new opportunity, to work with Marendaz’ portfolio of superfunds – making them one of the first in Sri Lanka to tap into the niche.

“Working on superfunds was a higher value partnership that is still relatively new to the country. It enabled our own accountants to rise to new levels in their careers, and further enriched the local industry”

Dilush Perera - CEO, H Connect was a part of the team that helped the company not just seize the opportunity but make it a specialisation for the company.

Geographical differences - a professional advantage

While H Connect was excited to adapt to the new market niche, Marendaz had the benefit of the time difference between the two countries - making them a formidable partnership. H Connect organised one team working duringAustralian office hours, and another after hours to give their client an edge.

When the pandemic hit, Marendaz was supported by the Lankan team who continued to work from home - ensuring seamless operation and building trust both internally and externally.

However, while exposure and opportunities were essential for business, young teams thrive on motivation and Marendaz had just the thing.

Driving for half an hour to spot a Kangaroo

The teams of H Connect and Marendaz met in Australia, where the hosts gave their colleagues multiple experiences in Perth, Sydney andMelbourne. Arshad Booso, now Manager - Operations at H Connect, looks back fondly to what was his first office trip.

“Some of my favourite memories are strolling through Scarborough beach after work - biting into those unforgettable burgers from ‘The Shack’. The area also had some epic beef and mutton pies. As far as Australian hospitality goes, our client not just paid for expenses, but spent a whole day taking me out – and even hosted me for dinner with their respective families.

Sydney and Melbourne to hold special memories for our team. From picnic lunches with our generous client at Queen Wharf Reserve – we enjoyed its mild weather and pristine greenery - to the Parramatta mall (where one of our managers went on such a shopping spree, she had to have it all shipped back toColombo!)

Our client also took us out to some delightful dinner and wine inMelbourne, and even drove us for half an hour to spot some (evidently elusive)kangaroos – a first for all of us from Sri Lanka.”

The Aussies had no less fun in Sri Lanka, on each visit (once was not enough, so they did it twice!). The Lankan team introduced them to theIsland’s world famous crab, a trip down to the island’s famous Southern coasts shopping rounds for apparel, and even an Australia vs. Sri Lanka cricket match.

The H Connect and Marendaz partnership is one of many cherished experiences colleagues in Colombo share with Australia. Together, their complementary strengths and shared values have enabled both countries to create more opportunities for everyone, all while having a whole lot of fun.