GRI Making a Mark in Australia

Prabhash Subasinghe, GRI Tires
April 25, 2022

GRI has been supplying its high-performance material handling tires to Australia for many years. However, in 2014 GRI decided to establish its own presence in tire sales and service in Australia as a greenfield investment from Sri Lanka. With GRI Australia growing to become a national operation in 2019, GRI has been able to make a significant impact in business, environment, and social sustainability in Australia. As a global specialty tire leader, GRI has remained a family-owned business reflecting values that ensure the best care of its customers.

From its beginnings in Brisbane, GRI now operates service agencies in Sydney,Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne in addition to working with numerous regional partnership agencies to form a country-wide service and supply network. With a presence in all states and territories supporting the agricultural, construction, and material handling industry segments, the company has been able to make significant inroads with local businesses and distributors while staying true to the core values of the company surrounding environmental and social sustainability.

By providing a holistic tire service and solution to the customer, GRI ensures that it is proactive in identifying the client’s requirements to achieve their goals.  GRI Australia has adopted a multi-channel business strategy. Acting as the importer for Sri Lankan made GRI Specialty Tires,GRI Australia utilises a combination of direct sales and service, wholesale and distributor-based operations to supply products throughout the region. In the material handling segment, GRI Australia focuses on direct supply and service with a supplementary wholesale operation compared to agriculture, where the business model utilises national distribution agencies and, equipment manufacturer partnerships supplying GRI as original equipment fitment solutions.

“We work with everyone in Australia, from large national companies to the small end-users and owner operators. Regardless of the size of the customer, we work hard to deliver the same attention to detail, the best service and value driven solutions while maintaining flexibility suited our client’s needs. Each customer is different and we acknowledge and respect that by adapting our offerings to suit those unique needs wherever possible,” explained Mr. Levi Silcox, GeneralManager, GRI Australia & New Zealand.  

GRI Australia is proud of its Sri Lankan heritage.They feel it differentiates them from other tire manufacturers and suppliers which is only enhanced by GRI’s use of the world’s highest-grade natural rubber, also a product of Sri Lanka, and the company’s commitment to sustainability that is visible in all GRI operations globally.

GRI Australia is working to make a positive impact with the community. From the sponsorship of a youth soccer club aimed to encourage children to participate in community sports to a local racing team in the regional areas in Australia, GRI aims to be a member of the communities in which they operate, not just a business. On an international scale, GRIAustralia has also sponsored activities and donated to ‘Project Karma’, anon-profit global initiative to eradicate all forms of child trafficking. “We want to ensure the safety of not only this generation, but the safety of generations to come” explained Mr. Silcox.

Local initiatives designed to minimise GRI Australia’s environmental impact include the installation of solar panels and earth-wool insulation in some of the workshop facilities, the active participation in tire recycling and repurposing of used tire products as well as the migration to paperless systems.

GRI is in the process of expanding into Darwin in theNorthern Territory, and further strengthening its position in Perth, WesternAustralia while also looking for opportunities in Tasmania.

“We are eager to develop GRI’s presence in New Zealand in both material handling and agricultural tire segments and we are also exploring opportunities throughout the region. We hope to transform GRI Australia into a major player in the Asia Pacific region,” explained Mr. Prabhash Subasinghe, Managing Director, GRI on the future expansion drive.

With the plans and ambitions GRI has in place forAustralia, the growth potential is limitless. Mr. Silcox says that the reason for success is the combined efforts of both teams in Australia and Sri Lanka.“We work towards a unified vision that is espoused by Mr. Prabhash Subasinghe, Managing Director, GRI, and Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO, GRI. It is with our shared values, beliefs, and ideation that the team in Australia has been able to strive towards rapid progress and success,” said Mr. Silcox.  

As a Sri Lankan company, GRI’s success in Australia reflects the strong relationship between the two countries and their people. With 2022, signifying the 75th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Sri Lanka and Australia, it is GRI’s wish that the two countries grow from strength to strength.